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Thu, Sep. 1st, 2005, 06:44 pm
My exam results ......


My results ... well ... I guess they were ok. I attained three official passes, as well as a few averages ... and of course, the odd-fails ...

A - Art

B - History

C - English Language

D - English Literature

D - Science

E - German language

E - Information Technology (computers)

F - Food Technology

F - Mathematics

D - Religious Education.


(A*-C) - Official passes

(D) - Average

(E) - Bad

(F) - Fail

(G) - Fail

(U) - Ungradable.

Lol, pretty shit really. I mean, I need FIVE fucking official passes to get into Sixth Form. Well it's not my fault I'm thick ... and an E for computers? What a load of bollocks. Infact, the whole subject was. Furthur-more, I had a shit teacher; Who was nicknamed "Bromcom Man." I worked so bloody hard in the coursework ...

And apparently, if you do very well on your Science-coursework, which I did, your grade gets lifted to the next grade up. Lol, that's bollocks too. I had two science-teachers; One was quality, the other loathed my guts: He always picked on me, Leanne and Natalie. Yes, we were blondes, but he was so ... nasty to us. And he always picked on poor old Luce for answers, just because I was shy and quiet during his lessons. Bastard. Like that time I had my nose pierced ... at the start of Year 10. He always kept saying 'Take the stud out please.' Once, he said 'If you do this experiment in front of the class, I won't ask you to take your stud out.' - BLACKMAIL!!! :-O pffft ... did I have a choice ... ?

I wasn't surprised at the English Literature grade. If you must know, Literature isn't exactly easy. Studying Of Mice and Men was difficult ... it's hard to study novels in such a way. Lol, I've picked English Lang/Lit for A-Level, and you need a strong grade to get in - a B or higher I reckon. So, I won't be able to do that ... Bugger! But my english-teacher said I have a flair in English. I did well in my coursework - I got a B+ for my Ghost-story; Cs for the essays. However, 20% only counted for the coursework, and to get a good grade, you needed to do well in the exam (which counts 80%)

I was happy with my Art grade though :) I worked and worked on the coursework: Got called a square plenty of times - but it was worth it. Oh - and my History grade too :) I remember coming into Year 10, entering the first History lesson. I was thinking, 'There is no way I'll do good in History.' I mean, at the time, my target grade was a C. I found History difficult actually, because ... I didn't understand. But then I learnt that it's more than answering the question. You need to use your own knowlegde :) And at the end I got a B!!! :P

Anyway, enough about that ...

Today I am happy. My Clockwork Orange t-shirt came through the post!!! It fits perfectly. £6.99, plus £1.50 P and P. Not bad I guess. And it goes lovely with brown or black. And I have plenty of black skirts. I don't like to wear jeans to be honest. I wore a pair last week; It looked dull and bruised outside, but it ended up being humid. Lol, it's better to wear skirts. Gypsy skirts will still be in fashion during Autumn and Winter, but I reckon they'll be too floaty. Heavish skirts, or ones with 70s patterns will be ideal; They go lovely with either dollie-shoes or boots.

I'm reading the latest Harry Potter novel at the moment. It's very ... different from the others; Probably because Harry is much older now, a young man. I don't find Daniel Radcliffe attractive to tell you the truth, neither Harry Potter himself. Though I loved Sirius Black :P who has been killed off :*( And I liked Oliver Wood, ex-captain of Gryffindor quidditch team, but he left ... :(

I've heard the book ends up being really sad :(

Work's alright ... apart from the odd-mistake ...

Mistake one:

On wednesday, I thought I had to be in work at 10.30am. At quarter to nine, I had come out of the shower, went into my room: Got dressed, put on my makeup ... rocking out to The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' - when the phone rang. It was Mary from work ... who said I had to be in at 9am!!! :-O I felt sooOOOOooo embarassed!!! Gaaahhh ... Oh - and then my NAN - yes - my NAN went on the phone and told me in a kind manner to get my arse in gear!!! I apologised to Mary, she said it was ok. After all, we all make mistakes. And this is my first job :\

Mistake two:

While working on Wednesday, Mary had a quiet word with me. She said that on Saturday, a man had come in and bought some clothes for his wife. However, only one item was paid and he ended up walking out of the shop. He came in on Tuesday and told Mary and others what had happened. My sercurity-number was on the bottom of the receat., showing I had served him!!! I felt so guilty ... again, I apologised ... heh, it was so busy on Saturday. I was the only one serving for two hours in the afternoon, while Mary and Heidi were doing something else. I had to serve six or more people all in one go all by myself: No wonder I'd forgotten about the man's clothes ...

... well, hopefully this Saturday I will have my mind on things. I mean, what with Heidi and Maureen working - well - I'd better act carefully. Heh, it's going to be so boring though ... Lol, I won't have no one to talk to. Heidi's Pig-ignorant ... and Maureen ... well, she doesn't like me. She chats to Heidi, infact sometimes, the two leave me out while they have a laugh. :( Great. And now I'm only going to be working Saturdays, things will be so dull ....................................

Today I am wearing ....

- Clockwork Orange skinny-fit t-shirt

- Chocolate skirt

- Chocolate suede boots

- Orange scarf

- Gypsy butterfly earrings


Fri, Aug. 19th, 2005, 07:35 pm


Today I had my first WHOLE wage-package. I was surprised at the amount of money that had been given to me in the last month; and, as I stared into the cash-machine's screen, I gasped and cursed in excitement. I've never had so much money before - lol - I'm not telling fibs!!


Were there any tax-rebate? Hm, not sure. Doubt it, as my tax-code might have came through, and there'd been no adjustments on my pay-slip. I went out and bought a pair of pink converses for Leanne, who is 16 next week. I also bought a nice green t-shirt from the place were I work :) I promise I won't waste all my wages on crap. I need a new pair of headphones, jeans ... and I'll treat myself a bit too. I've heard a track from The Stones' latest album, Streets Of Love. I've never liked the Rolling Stones very much; To me, they've always been ... well, a casual band - is that how people say it? Like, they're not bothered ... lol, well, the drummer isn't ;) And Mick is too ... camp for me - so is Keith, who's daughter I dislike. Mick's daughter, Jade, lived close by my town once. My mum's seen her walking around a couple of times. - But anyway, I would like to get their latest album. Sounds fucking brilliant :)

Today I'm wearing a longish, airy top with earthy, 70s patterns, and a chocolate skirt. Still Summery in Autumn ;) It's been nice these past few weeks. My dad's had another week off, so I've been to Dartmoor, Exmoor, Weymouth and Minehead. Went on a train to Minehead the other day ... Didn't like it too much to be honest. - Haha. I'm not a train-lover. Didn't buy much this week, as I haven't been payed. I borrowed a tenner from Dad. While in Minehead, I bought myself a pair of green earrings ... um and the latest issue of NME. Pretty crap really. You had a free CD with the issue. Lol, again, pretty rubbish. I'd wish they'd bring back the Melody Maker. The NME is too commercial these days - in my opinion: Emos, punks, goths ... mostly wannabes. *shrugs*

Haha, anyway ...

I have work again tomorrow - this time all day. Maureen's gone on holiday - won't be too bad as Mary's filling in her hours. I like Mary. Heidi's will be there though .. ¬.¬ lol.

I get my GCSE results on the 25th next week. I'll pop up the school, get the brown envelope ... Fuck I'm so scared. What if I fail? I mean, what if I don't get into Sixth Form? I'll be a let-down. I haven't revised either - I mean, I didn't revise much. Not even for half an hour ... haha. Yes, I'm a lazy cunt. Always have been.

Ah well, what can you do? You can't erase time ... or change the past. If I don't get the grades I want, then at least I tried. And I did. I'm not blonde ;) - I mean ... thick. Sorry, I'm very opinionated. :)

Well, that's all ...


Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005, 08:40 pm
Silent tears of a Gothic Doll ...


I had a nice day today. Well, I went shopping with my grandparents and sisters. I looked all around the shops and stuff :-) I haven't got a lot of money left now, only a tenner. and a few pennies. I'm glad I bought some clothes though - you don't know how much I've wanted to buy NEW clothes. The Gypsy/Boho look - apparently inspired by Kate Moss, is slowly fizzling out now. Taking it's place is the colour BLACK - the rock/gothic chic look is hawt for Autumn!

¬.¬ Fashion, eh? It fizzles out so fast ...

Today, Lucy bought ...

A long black skirt - £10

A black t-shirt with a white underlay - £3

A black beaded necklace - £1.50

An orange-heart patterned Tango (Knickers) - 50p

Winne the Pooh cup - Reduced to 50p

Hehe, not bad, eh? Primark stores are booming, making millions by the minute. Fuck Monsoon.

I tried it all on and it fitted alright. Though the skirt was a bit too big around the waist, so Nan took it in a fraction. That's the trouble with Primark clothes: Every size, even if it's the right size, is a bit too big and the Jeans are always too long. When I get my money next, I'm going shopping for JEANS. :-D And those Tangos (french knickers) are so cute! ^.^ They have like orange pom-poms at the side and stuff! :-D

So yeah, I had a great day, I feel happier now I have the cool, new look. Yeah, I know - I shouldn't follow the fashion. I don't mind wearing what's in the fashion, but I just hate looking in magazines and seeing like 'GET VICTORIA BECKHAM'S LOOK NOW FOR A BARGAIN PRICE!' and they list all these replicas of her clothing in cheap places like Primark and New Look. Who'd want to go round looking like a Celebrity? Lol - not me. And who was to say fucking KATE MOSS inspired the fucking Boho look? She thinks she's sooooOOOOoooo fucking amazing. She went to the Glasto Festo this year - fucking bitch - she stayed in a huge, luxury caravan with gold handles and gold-plated taps and shit. Umm, DUUUUHHH, like the whole point of The Glastonbury Festival is for people to go Earthy, cool and totally Hippie for the weekend. Not live in a snobby caravan. Grrr, I hate her so much. Her boyfriend is a druggie.

So ... then, at like twelve midday, I went out town with my sis. We looked around, admired the designer-labels, talked and stuff. While in the designer-shop, the shop-keeper, an oldish bloke with a ginger-beard, looked at my Pink Floyd badge on my t-shirt :-\ Lmao, maybe he was a fan? Anyway, next thing I knew - he gave me a PunkyFish badge for FREE! He just handed it to me! AHAHAHA - my sis was so jealous! PunkyFish is a cool designer label, like Bench. I thanked him, but I was confused 0.o :-) I need another Pink Floyd badge. The one I have is 25mm, Piper At The Gates of Dawn. £1.60 from Ebay :-)

*yawns* I'm tired. Went bed late last night - AGAIN. Lol, why I do not know ... I'm Nocturnal I suposse. For tea I had pizza and chips - sooo not healthy. God, I need to have healthy food! I'm sooo not healthy ...

Well, that's the tale from the Gothic Doll for another day :-)



Sun, Jul. 31st, 2005, 11:35 am
Yesterday's forgotten entry ...


Work was quite relaxing today. I had to work with Rhona and Mary, I was so glad Heidi had gone on holiday! Yippieeee! And I had nice conversations with Rhona about school, families and stuff like that. I woke up this morning, at 7am - tired as fuck I was ... Well, then I got out of bed, watched some television for a bit then had breakfast. Then at 8am, I had a shower and after that, I got dressed: Black dollie shoes, black skirt with a black top and a wooly, blue quarter-length thing - Umm ... well, it's very 50s I think. Nice with some pearls or something - and I am wearing a pink pearl bracelet. Haha, all I need now is one of those long skirts - then I'd look like Sandy from Grease. I had a break in between work when I started at nine. It was a busy morning - and with only one changing-room, it took even longer. I served on the till for most of the morning ... I'm too fast I think :-\ I got some stuff wrong! It's quite a small store really, and there are boxes and boxes of stock in the back, probably Autumn/Winter stuff. God, it all nearly takes up ALL the space! The weather helped too. It was very cool today, so I wasn't tired as much as I was at work a few weeks ago. For most of the afternoon, I put stock out, did more serving ... chatted, etc. At the end of the day I had to do the hoovering again. Well, it is not so bad now because I'm used to it ... but the long wire often gets caught in the clothes that are low-down on the rails and they all fall off - Grrr! So I have to put them all back on again.

I joined Play.Com last night. The stuff on there, like CDs, DVDs, Books, is cheap as chips! So I can buy stuff from there now. Though, not Ebay :*( -sniff- Ebay rocks. I haven't bought anything from Play.Com yet, I might do soon, when I get more money. I also might buy a new PC. This thing is as old as my great great great great Grandad ¬.¬ An original Windows 98, of course with added ram. This baby had only 32 when Dad bought it second hand six years ago (for £300 - yes - £300;) and now it has 64RAM. Not much I know .. But, I might get one soon - I mean, by Christmas, XPs might be down to £100 - £200! I need a new PC. This poor old thing doesn't even have Virus Protection - I need a new PC damn it! Then I can download songs, watch films ... Download the latest version of MSN Messenger. It'll be fun. I'd LOVE to get a Laptop! All the teachers have those at school. >:-(

Dunno what I'm doing tomorrow. Probably nothing. Maybe I'll ring Nat or something. I saw her today, her and her Mum. Lol, they were walking past the shop and I ran out to say Hi. Hehe ... Ooooh, and I'm working Monday! :-( I didn't put myself down, I think the manager puts us down when she wants us to work. When I came home earlier, I had a cheese pizza while watching Thunderball - James Bond. Lol, why didn't that bloke ever catch any sexual diseases - or get a bird preggers? >.< Fucking crap. James Bond sucks. I'd rather watch a Chick-Flick than James Bond - and I HATE Chick-Flicks!

... Now I'm just ... lingering. *Shrugs* Television is shite. Lol, all those stupid Saturday-Gameshows. The latest one is give a family a dancing/singing task and if they pass, they win five grand. Pathetic isn't it? Well, I'm glad ITV have dropped the degrading British world of Reality Television, let's all hope and Pray Channel 4 will be doing the same, eh? 'Cause I know ... Lol, I know Old Mary Whitehouse'll have some things to say about Big Brother. And, only the perverts, the chavs and the totally insane watch that shit. Sorry, I just hate Reality Television. It has infested the world so badly with it's bad bacteria. And, I'm afraid to say, Britain is feeding it out to the world. Terrible ... What happened to Inspector Morse? Or the old comedies like Keeping Up Appearances? ;-) Hehe, Graeme knows what I'm talking about! The good old stuff. Channel 4 should concerntrate on doing some good dramas. ITV had complaints from viewers about Reality-Trash - which is why, this September, they're ditching it all and focusing on Dramas and stuff like that. GOOD. FINALLY!!!! I can watch Telly again!!! :-D I loved Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? :-) Hehe ... Oh, and all the mysteries, like Poirot, Midsummer Murders and Miss Marple.

Lucy's work schedule for August/Early September . . .

All day is from 9am - 5.30pm ...

  • Monday 1st August - 10.30am-4pm
  • Saturday 6th August - (All day)
  • Wednesday 10th August - (All day)
  • Saturday 13th August - (All day)
  • Friday ... Lol, I'll have to check the date - I put '15th' but that can't be right. But if it is, then I'm working all day ... Or is it Monday 15th? Gahhh .. I'll check the rota-sheet at work.
  • Saturday 20th - (All day)
  • Friday 26th August - (All day)
  • Saturday 27th - (All day)
  • Wednesday 31st August - (All day)
  • Saturday 3rd September - (All day)

Ummm ... I think that's it. Well, for now. Hehe, lots of cash there. I think we get our wages probably on the 26th :-D hehe. Though, like I said, the Tax-people take about 20 quid from that :-( BASTARDS. It's only a rebate though .. I hope :-\

So, Little Luce's total of earnnings at the of the month should be like ... Dunno, £180-£270. Hehe :-D woo hoo ...

Money can look like shit sometimes . . . . . :-D :-\


Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005, 04:20 pm
Long time no viddy!


The last few weeks have been ... alright I suposse. I was payed a week or so ago, I've spent almost all of my wages on CDs, food ... I only received £65 or something though, because I hadn't been working a full month but also because of the whole "Tax Rebate" thing. So far, I have bought food for work - but in terms of things, mostly CDs - and the odd-clothing:

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers

Nivana - Unplugged In New York

Kaiser Chiefs - Employment (For Nat's 16th birthday)

A Pair of  black Stilletos ...

My dad's had a week off this week, we've been to Weymouth, Sidmouth, Exmouth ... and today Beer and Seaton. My dad is a very ... British man - he loves the countryside, the beaches - tea ... um that kinda thing. The weather has been absolutely rubbish - rain, gushes of cold wind. Lol, Weymouth was REALLY bad ... it was so cold. But nice, you know :-) And the West country has brought the world many pleasures like Stonehenge, Wookey Hole, Cheddar Gorge ... The legend of Sherlock Holmes in the Hound of the Baskervilles based apoun Dartmoor. And of course, the inspiration of the book The Birds, who inspired the writer as she was walking down a Cornwall lane one day.

I have £28 pounds left. Quite a lot I guess. I really, really need some decent clothes before I go back to College. Like more jeans, rock t-shirts - and a decent bag to put all my stuff in. I've had a look on Ebay, Oh my God - some cool stuff on there. But you know what Dads are like ... Lol, 'Nope I'm not getting you that.' I can't get an Ebay account, they won't let me :-( I've even tried changing my DOB to 1986, but still, Ebay won't let me in. Christ, it's so annoying ... I will just have to wait two years :-( 

Tonight, my Dad's Ma and Da are having a BBQ. Lol, Grandad makes me laugh :-) Always rattling on about the Germans, or something. Hehe, like that time they came down ... Most Haunted was on - and he being sooo Sceptic, ended up talking about the ghostly stuff he used to experience as a Kid, he rabbled on for a whole hour ... and there was me, trying to watch the fucking programme! AHAHAHA !!! He has Nicotine stains on his fingers :-\

Work's been alright. Though Heidi keeps having a face like a sour lemon and I've found out from her she's had the same history teacher as me in the past :-\ I asked her what exam grade she got at the end, and she said A* - A star, eh? Wow, she must be brainy :-(

See, Graeme? I have posted in LJ - I'll take a look at yours in a sec! :-D *looks outside* It's going to fucking rain ... I can see it now: Grey painted skies, the sun hiding behind the angry clouds. It's like a demented water-colour out there ...


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