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The Diary of Lucy

24 September
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I'm a lazy student at sixth-form and I currently work as a Shop assistant . . .
My hobbies include listening to music, watching films, creative art and design and writing stories and poems. I adore Pink Floyd - David Gilmour is gorgeous I want to marry him!
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In my spare time I love to draw, read crime novels and write stories. I'm not much of an out-going person, though I try to be. My favourite bands are Pink Floyd, Genesis, Keane, Coldplay and Led Zep. My favourite authors are Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson My friends include Nat, Li, Leanne, Claire, Fi and Lisa. - Hehe, though Lisa's more of a cling and we have nothing in common.

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The Horror Show

Ian Rankin ...

The crappest Pink Floyd forum in the whole world

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