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Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005, 09:29 pm
What is beauty anyway? There is no such thing ...

... So Pablo Picasso said once. Well, he would: He's a Cubist. Their artwork consists of ugly, demented paintings; Blocks of either bright colours or dark ones to create emotion. Maybe he was into Fauvism too?

But he has a point. What is beauty? What things do we see as 'Beautiful?' In today's society as human-beings, our connotations of beauty is perhaps a myth. An 'ugly' woman tends to be one with acne, disgusting teeth; Big ears, a big nose ... horrible, skanky hair. And a 'beautiful' woman is seen to have a clear complexion, big eyes and lovely lips: Skinny, maybe. Nice hair, nice body ... Kate Moss? All these features - whether good or bad ... it's how we see them in our society. I often wonder, whether there is need for ugliness and beauty. And in the last decade, being beautiful has played a huge part in the media: Music, hollywood, modeling ... And God knows why? Maybe, because human-beings are beginning to become self-loathing bastads; Selfish and full of greed. Ahhh, e.g: Simon Cowell. Yes, Simon, we've all seen how you look at those beautiful seventeen year olds who can "sing" when they walk through the audition-room. He grins at them when they sing and then says 'wow ... I'm just breathless. That was sensational. You're through to the next round!' And they're like crying going like 'Oh my God, Simon! *gasp* Thank you!!!' - and the sluts tend to hug him too. :-\ I mean, he put through a plastic stripper for Fuck's sake - just because she kept flirting with him on set ¬.¬ ... He knows shit about music. WESTLIFE?!!! Errrr - whoooot! PINK FLOYD FOREVER. OASIS FOREVER. LED ZEPPELIN FOREVER.

Today was ok. Art was cool, so was Textiles. Graphics was quite funny ... Coms a big yawn. Haha. After school, I decided to see him. All day, I was hoping to have a chit-chat with him. He wasn't home :( ... why do I bother? I don't know if he was in; Hard to tell. Usually, when the dogs bark and scratch at the door, he comes running down the stairs. Maybe he's trying to avoid me ... well, don't blame him if he was.

Should I bother again? Hm ... don't know. I'm always bored during my free-lessons, and bollocks if I'm going to join the "keep-fit" programme (you're supossed to take part every wednesday afternoon during your free lesson!) - but you know me .. :P I'm fit enough as it is. I way below the average sixteen year-old. ... so yeah, I'm always bored during my free lessons. The common-room is just sooo boring; so is the library and the computers. And town ... heh, pretty rubbish too. Hm ...

I have lots of homework to be getting on with! So I'd better make a start on that. haha. I need a shower, and some reading ...

Can't watch Most Haunted :( Infact, I always get distrated. Haha. :P - from my homework ...

well, hadn't I better get on with things?


xxx SNAILS are amazing. xxx

my fave is the Apple-Snail ... and garden snails.



This is my snail called Colin.

xxx Love you Colin <3 :D


Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 05:36 am (UTC)

you should study philosophy. To learn about beauty is a true term or subjective. Like if whether an apple taste better than an orange is a truth statement or subjective.

You love Oasis? wtf?

You should join more communities and post in them, and find friends on here ;)

Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)

Philosophy isn't in the list :( I would drop that instead of Coms if I had a choice. God it sucked today. I am going to drop it.
Lol, I don't ... But Oasis are seen as this global thing; Probably the "best" British band since the Beatles.

xxxxxx hi graeme x thanks for posting xx

Hi Lars! :P x

Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 03:46 pm (UTC)

I don't mean now, in several years, when you get higher in the educational system.

why do you say "hi lars"???